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June of 2024

  • Return URL configuration for Checkout Pro
  • We have adjusted the information regarding the return URL configuration for Checkout Pro, indicating that the automatic redirection time for approved payments will be 4 seconds and that, by default, the "Return to site" button will remain on the screen during this process.


    Checkout Pro

    May of 2024

  • Webhooks notification of card updates
  • We included the Card Updater (topic_card_id_wh) topic in the Webhooks documentation to set up receiving notifications when the buyer's card is updated. The Card Updater retrieves card information and updates this data within Mercado Pago.




    April of 2024

  • New routes for the endpoints of the Claims API
  • The Claims API has been adjusted with new routes for the endpoints to help with a better understanding of each of them. Therefore, it will be necessary to migrate from the current version to v2 by 07/06/2024. Access our API Reference, where we provide both versions to facilitate the migration.


    API Reference

  • SDK Java - 2.1.21
  • Added event_date property to the preference creation resource