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Receive payments

After performing the integration and testing, your store is ready to go into production. To start receiving payments it is necessary to enter the production credentials. To do so, follow the procedures below.

  1. Go to the Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods menu.
  2. In the Merchant Country field, select the country of operation for your store.
  3. Next, access the Mercado Pago > Credentials section to enable the payment methods available in the store's country of origin.
  4. On the page in question, you will find the Public key and Access token fields, which you must fill in with the credentials of production indicated in your Dashboard.
  5. After setting your credentials, click the Save Config button in the upper right corner. It is important that you save your credentials before proceeding as this will enable the payment methods available in your country.

Ready! The Mercado Pago module is ready to receive online payments. With all the steps completed, your customers will be able to make purchases in your store.