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Installments settings

Tiendanube uses your Mercado Pago account financing settings. If you have made any changes, take into consideration that they will show on your site in the next 24 hours.

You can also manually synchronize the latest changes in the following way:

  1. Access the payment methods settings on your site menu, look for "Mercado Pago" and select "Edit".

  2. In the installments section, click on "Show now".

  3. Finally, click on "Save changes".


Payments Installment - Nuvem Shop

Set interest-free installments in your Mercado Pago account

  1. Log in to your Mercado Pago account and go to "Your business".
  2. Access the option "Settings", navigate to "Offer interest-free installments" and click "Activate".
  3. Choose "How many do you want to offer?" and confirm the changes with the "Activate" button.


Payments Installments - Nuvem Shop


For more information, visit the official Tiendanube site .