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Advanced Integration


Refunds happen when a payment was completed but the seller decides to cancel it partially or totally. You can find information in Refunds and cancellations section.


Remember that in the case QR payments, refunds are available but cancellations are not.

Order validity

By default, QR orders expires 10 minutes after being created or automatically if it’s closed.

If you require a different expiration time, you can send the header X-Ttl-Store-Preference with the time you need expressed in seconds. I.e., if you want 5 minutes as the available time, you’ll have to send the header X-Ttl-Store-Preference: 300.

Get order data

If you want to get the order assigned to a POS, you can do it.


curl -X GET  -d 

Obtain more information in our API Reference.

Generate reports of your sales

Integrate Mercado Pago reports with your system to make sales reconcilitation and know about your account movements.

Test and validate your integration

We detailed all necessary cases you should try to make sure your system is succesfully integrated with Mercado Pago. Find all this information in the Tests section.

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