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How to generate QR codes

Depending on your business needs, you have different options when it comes to creating QR codes. You can also combine methods to offer your client a unique buying experience in your physical store.

Generating QR by the Mercado Pago panel

This is the simplest way to charge with QR: you don't need an integration between your system and Mercado Pago in order to work. There are various ways of doing it. Consult all available information to generate reports from this panel.

Generating integrated QR

Provide a more complete experience for QR payments by integrating your system with Mercado Pago.

You’ll be able to charge, refund and receive notifications in your system.

Integration type Features Operation Business examples
Attended model Requires intervention from the operator in a point of sale. Select Mercado Pago as a payment method. Operator takes the order. Next, client scans QR to pay for the order. Stores, fast food restaurants.

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