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Magento 1

Mercado Pago supports the integration of payment checkouts on open source ecommerce platforms. Users are able to choose between several ecommerce platforms compatible with Mercado Pago. Mercado Pago does not endorse any particular platform.

If you’re currently working with Magento 1 as your ecommerce platform, we remind you that, on August 6th 2020, Adobe announced that Magento 1 and every related extension would no longer be available on Magento’s repository.

Based on Adobe’s decision to discontinue Magento 1, Mercado Pago will no longer offer its module for Magento 1 nor support services related to its integration. In case you’re using Magento as your ecommerce platform, we recommend migrating to the latest version offered on Magento’s website.

We remind you that Mercado Pago isn’t responsible for the ecommerce platform chosen by each seller nor for vulnerabilities that given platform may have.

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