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Mercado Pago's plugin for shopify has available the next features:

Feature Checkout Pro
Credit card Payments
Other payment methods
Payment with two payment methods
Mercado Pago's interface
Installments calculator
IPN and webhooks
Mercado Pago coupon discounts

Checkout Pro

Great for merchants who want to get going quickly and easily.

  • Easy website integration— no coding required.
  • Limited control of buying experience— display Checkout window as redirect, modal or iframe.
  • Store buyer’s card for fast checkout.
  • Accept tickets, bank transfer and account money in addition to cards.
  • Accept Mercado Pago's discount coupons.


1) In your Shopify admin panel, go to the menu Settings > Payments.

Configuring Mercado Pago in shopify

2) In Accept credit cards, select MercadoPago.

3) Fill the CLIENT ID and CLIENT SECRET. Get your credentials.

Configuring client id and client secret in shopify

4) Click the button **Activate**.

Saving All Settings

5) Congrats! Mercado Pago was installed and configured!

Mapping of payment status

The following scheme represents the correlation between the payment status in Mercado Pago and the status of the order in Shopify.

Mercado Pago status Shopify order status
Approved Completed
Pending Pending
In process Pending
In Mediation Pending
Cancelled Failed
Refunded Failed
Rejected Failed

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