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Install Mercado Pago on WooCommerce

Install the Mercado Pago module in WooCommerce automatically, from your WordPress panel, or manually, by importing a .zip file into your directory via FTP.

The installation of our module does not affect the speed of your store.

Installation requirements

Review the installation requirements and follow the steps we indicate, it will only take a few minutes to install the module!

Requirements Details
WordPress Required 4.9.10 or higher. Tested up to 5.5.x
WooCommerce Required 3.x or higher. Tested up to 4.5.x
Environment LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP)
System Linux x86, Windows x86-64
Web Server Apache 2.x, Nginx 1.7.x
PHP Version PHP 5.6, 5.5 y 5.4
Database MySQL 5.6 or higher (Oracle or Percona), MariaDB 10.0 or higher
Extension Dependency PDO_MySQL, simplexml, mcrypt, hash, GD, DOM, iconv, curl, SOAP (to Webservices API)
Additional Settings safe_mode off * memory_limit bigger than 256MB (512MB recommended)
SSL SSL Certificate

You can use the HTTP protocol while in ‘Testing’ mode and not making real transactions. When you go to Production you must have an SSL certificate to offer a secure navigation that protects your data and those of your customers. Once you have it, the path to your online store must respond to the HTTPS protocol.

Automatic installation

Automatically, from the ‘Plugins’ section of WordPress

Follow these steps for installation:

1) Go to Add new and search for “WooCommerce Mercado Pago” among the WordPress modules offer.

2) Click Install and then look for it in the Installed Plugins section.

3) Activate it to start configuring the module in your store.

Excellent! You will see the module installed in the Plugins section of your administration panel. Activate it to be able to adjust the necessary settings in your store.

Manual installation

Manually, follow these steps for installation:

1) Download the .zip file directly from our Github or from the directory of modules of WordPress.

2) Unzip the downloaded folder and change the name to ‘woocommerce-mercadopago’.

3) Connect to your web server and copy the file ‘woocommerce-mercadopago’ into your WordPress directory, in the ‘Plugins’ folder.

Done! The Mercado Pago module will be installed in your online store.

Check that everything went well from your WordPress desktop. You will see the module among your Installed Plugins. Activate it to proceed to the integration of your account and the configuration steps.

When you activate the plugin, WordPress will take you to the WooCommerce Settings and, from there, to the Payments section, where you will have the types of checkout we offer for your online store: Checkout Pro and Custom Checkout.


All our modules have an open source license. Do you want to participate in its construction? Suggest improvements and editions on Github.


We advise you to make a backup copy of your store before making any changes. Once the copy is ready, delete all the files related to the previous version of the module.

Then execute the steps of a new installation to update your page with the latest available version of the Mercado Pago module.

Keep the module always updated in the latest version.

Next steps

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