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Test and receive payments

How to test the module

The Mercado Pago module comes with the Sandbox environment active by default. Simulate payments in the store with this testing environment and verify that everything works well before you start receiving real payments from your customers.

This is where the test credentials that you have copied into the module come into play when integrating Mercado Pago to your store. You need them to be able to test the module.

When testing, verify that the payment flow works correctly and that the payment preferences are what you have set. Do you see that everything is going well? Disable Testing and go to Production mode to receive real payments.


All our modules have an open source license. Do you want to participate in its construction? Suggest improvements and editions on Github.

Go to production

To start charging you must activate your credentials.

Check out the requirements to go to production if you have any questions during the process.

Verify that the Production credentials of the module are those of the account that receives the money from the sales.

Activate Production mode only when you are ready to sell and have tested the module with simulated payments in Sandbox.

Homologation Flow

Done! The Mercado Pago module is ready to receive online payments.

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