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How to integrate QR unattended model

Commercial contact required

This product is only available through prior contact with one of our executives.

To integrate QR unattended model you need to:

  1. Create a service that will be called when a payment request is received and its associate logic.
  2. A. Order information isn’t available yet.
  3. B. Order information is available.

  4. Declare your domain URL to Mercado Pago

1. Create a service that will be called when a payment request is received.

You need to create a service that Mercado Pago will call each time a QR payment is requested. For example:

This service will return the information needed to charge a customer. The URL service is declared on Point of Sale URL field.

Service logics

Implement the next logics on the service to support the following cases:

A. Order informations isn’t available yet

In some cases, order data may not be available yet when a customer tries to pay. I.e, when filling the tank at a gas station.

In those cases, service must answer with an error message, so the user sees a waiting screen. Service must return a status code HTTP 400 (Bad Request) with the following format:


{  "type": "XXX",
"message": "YYYY" }


Type Description
in_process An order is being processed but an amount is not defined yet.
unavailable There’s no order being processed or pending.
invalid Secondary parameters (Station ID, Position, etc.) reference an unknown location.
timeout Merchant server couldn’t communicate with any internal system (For example, vending machine) and cancelled the operation.

A message is a plain text that can come with the declared type and is optional.

B. Order infromation is available

If order exits and is ready to be paid, service must return its information.

The answer expected from this service must contain the header Content-Type: application/json and the status HTTP 200 (OK).

Answer should contain the following message from the order:


   "collector_id": 178106235,
   "sponsor_id": 334249281,
         "title":" $500.00 de SUPER",
         "currency_id": CLP,
         "description":"$500.00 de SUPER",
         "quantity": 1.0,
         "unit_price": 500.00

You should use the field external_reference to be able to identify the order from your system inside Mercado Pago.


Atributo Tipo (type) Descripción
collector_id Long Mercado Pago account identifier, to which payments will be imputed.
sponsor_id Long Mercado Pago account identifier from integrative system.
items.title String Product title.
items.currency_id String(3) Currency identifier in ISO-4217 format.
items.description String Product description.
items.quantity Integer Product quantity.
items.unit_price Decimal Unitary price.
external_reference String (256) Reference to link an order in Mercado Pago with a shopping order from your system. Usually, is the receipt number.
notification_url String URL to which the notification will be send.

2. Declare your domain URL to Mercado Pago

You must inform your domain URL to your assigned technical advisor. Mercado Pago will use it for each transaction.


Your integration won’t work if you don’t complete this step.

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