<dev>Talks: Black Friday

The <dev>talks, a meeting that brings together Mercado Pago's team of experts and our ecosystem of developers, took place Tuesday, November 8, on the Mercado Pago Developers channel, on YouTube, where we talked about Black Friday.

We had the participation of great teams for this event, so check it out here:

The partnerships team, with Samir Carlton, brought data from Black Friday 2022

The Integration Team, with Lucas Feitosa, showed how Mercado Pago is prepared for the date and how they support the devs

Special guests: Léo Hackin, CTO of Sallve, and Jean Orlando, CTO of Quero 2 pay, shared best practices for Black Friday

And the last but not least, the DevComm team, with Beatriz Guerreiro, who presented the <dev>program, Mercado Pago's official certification program for devs

Are you curious to know how this meeting went? Click here and watch the recording..

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Mercado Pago Team.