Getting started

First time integrating Mercado Pago's payment solutions? In this documentation, you will find the information you need to get started.
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Benefits of choosing Mercado Pago

Whether you want to integrate Mercado Pago for your business or you are a developer integrating for others, Mercado Pago offers different solutions that allow you to receive virtual or in-person payments.

You can offer payments with various types of payment in physical stores or online stores through the payment link, QR Code, and the Mercado Pago device, Point, which may or may not be integrated with each other.

Start integrating with your Mercado Pago account

      The first step to start integrating, whether for yourself or for someone else, is to have a Mercado Pago or Mercado Libre account. If you don't have a Mercado Pago account, click here to create one for free.

      If you already have a Mercado Libre account, access Your integrations with the same username and password.

      Your integrations

      With your account already active, you have access to Your integrations, which allows you to manage code development integrations, your applications, perform tests, and configure notifications that provide you with information about transactions.

      Get to know our payment solutions Mercado Pago has different payment solutions for each type of business. Find them below:

          Process online payments

          Solutions for those who sell on websites, through WhatsApp, or social media. The fees, based on the receipt period and/or the number of interest-free installments offered to the buyer, are automatically applied to sales. For further details, please refer to the links below.

          Receiving payments


          SolutionDescriptionIntegration Complexity
          Checkout ProProcess payments in Mercado Pago in a simple and secure way with a ready-to-use design. We have developed this optimized checkout to increase your conversion.ūüĒĶūüĒĶ‚ö™‚ö™
          Checkout APIA versatile solution so that you build your payment processor on your website. You control the entire experience, from basic to advanced settings.ūüĒĶūüĒĶūüĒĶūüĒĶ
          Payment LinkCreate a payment link in just a few steps and use it to collect payments via chat and social media. No technical knowledge is required.ūüĒĶ‚ö™‚ö™‚ö™
          SubscriptionsAutomates recurrent payment collections with a subscription. You can set up the payment frequency and the amount to be charged.ūüĒĶūüĒĶ‚ö™‚ö™
          Checkout BricksA modular, secure and customizable payment solution, where you control the entire experience and choose which brick and layout to use based on your site's needs.ūüĒĶūüĒĶūüĒĶ‚ö™
          Wallet ConnectProcess payments automatically through the Mercado Pago digital wallet. With Wallet Connect it is possible to make payments using the balance available in the Mercado Pago account or cards.ūüĒĶūüĒĶūüĒĶūüĒĶ

          Offer in-person payments

          Solutions for those who sell from home, on the street, in the car, or in the store.

          SolutionDescriptionIntegration Complexity
          Mercado Pago PointIntegrate the Mercado Pago Point and connect the card reader to any iOS or Android system to accept payments at the counter.ūüĒĶūüĒĶūüĒĶ‚ö™

          Process payments on e-commerce platforms

          Install Checkout Pro or Checkout API in your store and start offering payments with Mercado Pago on your e-commerce platform. Integrating solutions by connecting to a platform is simple and fast. The entire process is done in the Mercado Pago business panel and on the platform itself.

          Find our plugin on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Tiendanube, VTEX, Wix, Adobe Commerce (Magento), and many more.

          Use our SDKs

          With Mercado Pago's SDK libraries, you can reduce client-side and server-side integration time.

          By using our backend SDKs, you get easy access to the server-side functionality of our solutions. This allows you to create and query the status of various transactions, integrate payments through cards and other methods, as well as make refunds or chargebacks.

          With our frontend SDKs, you can make calls for card tokens and use many other integration features.

          Availability of solutions in each country

          Checkout Pro
          Checkout API
          Checkout Bricks
          Payment Link
          Wallet Connect
          Mercado Pago Delivery------
          QR Code---
          Mercado Pago Point----

          How to start integrating

          If you're not sure where to start based on your programming knowledge, don't worry. We have different solutions that fit your needs. Follow the diagram below to find out which product is right for you.

          Getting started

          For details on the accepted payment methods in each country, consult the complete list of available payment methods.

          Credentials Credentials are unique passwords used to identify an integration in your account. They play a fundamental role in securely capturing payments in online stores and other applications.

              You can find the credentials in Application details > Credentials within Your integrations.

              There are two different types of credentials: test credentials and production credentials. Both types of credentials consist of two pairs of keys that you must use depending on the chosen product: Public Key and Access Token or Client ID and Client secret.

              If you need to share your credentials, you can do so securely. On the Mercado Pago site, navigate to Your business > Settings > Management and administration > Credentials and select the Share credentials option.

              To learn more, access the credentials documentation.

              Start integrating!

              Choose the product that suits your needs and review its documentation to start integrating Mercado Pago's solutions.

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