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January of 2024

  • Increase in the time of `auto_return`
  • The auto_return attribute now takes 40 seconds to redirect users with approved payments from Checkout. The new time, previously set at 5 seconds, is not customizable.


    Checkout Pro

  • The documentation for Releases report and Account balance report has been updated
  • We have enhanced the Mercado Pago reports documentation, focusing on refining both the information structure and updating the technical content.



  • Erratum - Discontinuation of WebView integrations
  • We have updated the original news regarding the discontinuation of WebView integrations to inform that some integrations prior to 29/11/23 may be affected by the decision if they transact below the limit authorized by Mercado Pago.


    API Reference

  • Webhooks notifications sending simulator
  • We have updated the documentation for Webhooks notifications to include information about the Webhooks sending simulator. With the simulator, you can experiment and test if the provided URL is receiving notifications correctly.