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January of 2024

  • Version 7.1.0 of the WooCommerce plugin
  • The updated version features fixes to experience errors and compatibility with WooCommerce Blocks, the latest innovation from the platform! Access the official documentation for more configuration details.



    December of 2023

  • API Reference: menu changes and the new Claims API
  • We rearranged the menu order in our API Reference to include the new Claims API. With the addition of the new API and its 13 new endpoints, we have created a new section called "After-sales" to encompass both the **Claims API **and the existing APIs for Refunds, Chargebacks and Cancellations. Additionally, we have also included in Webhooks the topic related to claims, making it possible to configure the receipt of notifications on this subject.


    API Reference


  • Compatibility of Mercado Pago plugin with WooCommerce Blocks
  • After WooCommerce stores update, we are working to make Mercado Pago plugin compatible with the new Blocks feature. If you are having problems in your integration, check the official documentation and revert momentarily the update of your store.



  • Inclusion of Checkout Bricks in the product tags of the API Reference.
  • We have updated the API Reference section to reference the Checkout Bricks in the following endpoints: "Create test user", "Create payment", "Search payments", "Get preference", "Search preferences", "Update preference", "Save card", "Get customer card", "Get card", "Create customer" and "Get customer".


    Checkout Bricks