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Your integrations

Your Integrations is your integration management environment automatically created with a user ID (the Mercado Pago ID) when you open an account on Mercado Pago. In it, you can create a new application in the Developer Dashboard or access the Application details page for each listed application, as well as request access to credentials for an application you don't manage.

Application details

The Application details page consists of different sections, each with a different purpose.

  • General Information: displays general information about the application.
  • Testing: test the integration's functionality, perform tests, and simulate different transactions with Credentials, Test accounts, and Test cards.
  • Notifications: configure the application to receive notifications for transaction-related events, such as payment alerts, fraud notifications, disputes, etc. There are two types of notifications available for configuration:
    1. Webhooks
    2. IPN
  • Production: activate Production Credentials to start receiving payments in your online store and other applications.
  • Evaluation: validate the quality of your integration to ensure that your development meets the necessary quality and security requirements to provide both the seller and the buyer with the best experience with Mercado Pago.