BASE URI https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/payments/search

HTTP Request


 curl -X GET \
  'https://api.mercadopago.com/v1/payments/search?sort=date_created&criteria=desc&external_reference="ID_REF"' \
   -H 'Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN'

Request Params

id Long Payment identifier.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Payment’s creation date.
date_approved Date(ISO_8601) Payment’s approval date.
date_last_updated Date(ISO_8601) Last modified date.
money_release_date Date(ISO_8601) Release date of payment.
operation_type String Payment type.
regular_payment Typification by default of a purchase being paid using Mercado Pago.
money_transfer Funds transfer between two users.
recurring_payment Automatic recurring payment due to an active user subscription.
account_fund Money income in the user's account.
payment_addition Addition of money to an existing payment, done in Mercado Pago's site.
cellphone_recharge Recharge of a user's cellphone account.
pos_payment Payment done through a Point Of Sale.
payer Object Identifies the buyer.
entity_type String Entity type of the payer (only for bank transfers).
individual Payer is individual.
association Payer is an association.
type String Identification type of the associated payer (mandatory if the Payer is a Customer).
customer Payer is a Customer and belongs to the collector.
registered The account corresponds to a Mercado Pago registered user.
guest The payer doesn't have an account.
id String Identification of the associated payer.
email String Email. (Required)
identification Object Personal identification.
type String Identification type.
number String Identification number.
phone Object Phone of the associated payer.
area_code String Phone area code.
number String Phone number.
extension String Phone number's extension.
first_name String First name of the associated payer.
last_name String Last name of the associated payer.
binary_mode Boolean When set to true, the payment can only be approved or rejected. Otherwise in_process status is added.
live_mode Boolean Whether the payment will be processed in sandbox or in production mode.
order Object Order identifier.
type String Type of order.
mercadolibre The order is from Mercado Libre.
mercadopago It is a Mercado Pago merchant_order.
id Long Id of the associated purchase order.
external_reference String ID given by the merchant in their system.
description String Payment reason or item title.
metadata Object Valid JSON that can be attached to the payment to record additional attributes of the merchant.
currency_id String(3) ID of the currency used in the payment.
ARS Argentine peso.
BRL Brazilian real.
CLP Chilean peso.
MXN Mexican peso.
COP Colombian peso.
PEN Peruvian sol.
UYU Uruguayan peso.
transaction_amount Float Product cost. (Required)
transaction_amount_refunded Float Total refunded amount in this payment.
transaction_details Object Groups the details of the transaction.
financial_institution String External financial institution identifier (e.g.: company id for atm)
net_received_amount Float Amount received by the seller.
total_paid_amount Float Total amount paid by the buyer (includes fees).
installment_amount Float Total installments amount.
overpaid_amount Float Amount overpaid (only for tickets).
external_resource_url String Identifies the resource in the payment processor.
payment_method_reference_id String For credit card payments is the USN. For offline payment methods, is the reference to give to the cashier or to input into the ATM.
fee_details Array(Object) List of fees.
type String Fee detail.
mercadopago_fee Cost for using Mercado Pago.
coupon_fee Discount given by a coupon.
financing_fee Cost of financing.
shipping_fee Shipping cost.
application_fee Marketplace comision for the service.
discount_fee Discount given by the seller through cost absorption.
fee_payer String Who absorbs the cost.
collector The seller absorbs the cost.
payer The buyer absorbs the cost.
amount Float Fee amount.
status String Payment status.
pending The user has not yet completed the payment process.
approved The payment has been approved and accredited.
authorized The payment has been authorized but not captured yet.
in_process Payment is being reviewed.
in_mediation Users have initiated a dispute.
rejected Payment was rejected. The user may retry payment.
cancelled Payment was cancelled by one of the parties or because time for payment has expired
refunded Payment was refunded to the user.
charged_back Was made a chargeback in the buyer’s credit card.
status_detail String Gives more detailed information on the current state or rejection cause.
captured Boolean Determines if the capture operation was performed (just for credit cards).
call_for_authorize_id String Identifier that must be provided to the issuing bank to authorize the payment.
payment_method_id String Payment method chosen to do the payment. (Required)
issuer_id String Payment method issuer.
payment_type_id String Type of payment method chosen.
account_money Money in the MercadoPago account.
ticket Printed ticket.
bank_transfer Wire transfer.
atm Payment by ATM.
credit_card Payment by credit card.
debit_card Payment by debit card.
prepaid_card Payment by prepaid card.
card Object Details of the card used.
id Number Id of the card.
last_four_digits String Last four digits of card number.
first_six_digits String First six digit of card number.
expiration_year Integer Card expiration year.
expiration_month Integer Card expiration month.
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Creation date of card.
date_last_updated Date(ISO_8601) Last update of data from the card.
cardholder Object Card's owner data.
name String Cardholder Name.
identification Object ID of the cardholder.
number String Document number.
type String Document type.
statement_descriptor String How will look the payment in the card bill (e.g.: MERCADOPAGO).
installments Integer Selected quantity of installments. (Required)
notification_url String URL where Mercado Pago will send notifications associated to changes in this payment
refunds Array(Object) List of refunds that were made to this payment.
id Number Refund identifier.
payment_id Number Payment on which the return was made.
amount Float Amount refunded.
metadata Object Valid JSON that can be attached to the payment to record additional attributes of the merchant.
source Object Who made the refund.
id String User ID who issued the refund.
name String User who issued the refund.
type String Type of user who issued the refund.
collector The collector issued the refund.
operator The refund was made by an account's operator.
admin The refund was made by a Mercado Pago administrator.
bpp The refund was made by the Mercado Pago's Buyer Protection Program
date_created Date(ISO_8601) Date of refund.
unique_sequence_number String Refund identifier given by the card processor.

HTTP Response


    "paging": {
        "total": 17493,
        "limit": 30,
        "offset": 0
    "results": [
          "id": "0000001",
          "date_created": "2017-08-31T07:26:38.000-04:00",
          "date_approved": "2017-08-31T07:26:38.000-04:00",
          "date_last_updated": "2017-08-31T07:26:38.000-04:00",
          "date_of_expiration": null,
          "money_release_date": "2017-09-14T07:26:38.000-04:00",
          "operation_type": "money_transfer",
          "issuer_id": null,
          "payment_method_id": "account_money",
          "payment_type_id": "account_money",
          "status": "approved",
          "status_detail": "accredited",
          "currency_id": "[FAKER][CURRENCY][ACRONYM]",
          "description": "Pago Pizza",
          "live_mode": true,
          "sponsor_id": null,
          "authorization_code": null,
          "money_release_schema": null,
          "counter_currency": null,
          "collector_id": "0000002",
          "payer": {
            "type": "registered",
            "id": "000001",
            "email": "afriend@gmail.com",
            "identification": {
              "type": "DNI",
              "number": "12345678"
            "phone": {
              "area_code": null,
              "number": "11123456789",
              "extension": null
            "first_name": "Name",
            "last_name": "LastName",
            "entity_type": null
          "metadata": {},
          "additional_info": {},
          "order": {},
          "external_reference": null,
          "transaction_amount": 250,
          "transaction_amount_refunded": 0,
          "coupon_amount": 0,
          "differential_pricing_id": null,
          "deduction_schema": null,
          "transaction_details": {
            "net_received_amount": 250,
            "total_paid_amount": 250,
            "overpaid_amount": 0,
            "external_resource_url": null,
            "installment_amount": 250,
            "financial_institution": null,
            "payment_method_reference_id": null,
            "payable_deferral_period": null,
            "acquirer_reference": null
          "fee_details": [],
          "captured": true,
          "binary_mode": false,
          "call_for_authorize_id": null,
          "statement_descriptor": null,
          "installments": 1,
          "card": {},
          "notification_url": null,
          "refunds": [],
          "processing_mode": null,
          "merchant_account_id": null,
          "acquirer": null,
          "merchant_number": null,
          "acquirer_reconciliation": []
          "id": "0000002",
          "id": "0000003",
          "id": "0000030",

Error Codes

2000 Payment not found.
4 The caller is not authorized to access this resource.
3002 The caller is not authorized to perform this action.
1 Params Error.
3 Token must be for test.
5 Must provide your access_token to proceed.
1000 Number of rows exceeded the limits.
1001 Date format must be yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZ.
1003 Invalid sort value.
1004 Invalid criteria value.
2001 Already posted the same request in the last minute.
2004 POST to Gateway Transactions API fail.
2002 Customer not found.
2006 Card Token not found.
2007 Connection to Card Token API fail.
2009 Card token issuer can't be null.
3000 You must provide your cardholder_name with your card data.
3001 You must provide your cardissuer_id with your card data.
3003 Invalid card_token_id.
3004 Invalid parameter site_id.
3005 Not valid action, the resource is in a state that does not allow this operation. For more information see the state that has the resource.
3006 Invalid parameter cardtoken_id.
3007 The parameter client_id can not be null or empty.
3008 Not found Cardtoken.
3009 unauthorized client_id.
3010 Not found card on whitelist.
3011 Not found payment_method.
3012 Invalid parameter security_code_length.
3013 The parameter security_code is a required field can not be null or empty.
3014 Invalid parameter payment_method.
3015 Invalid parameter card_number_length.
3016 Invalid parameter card_number.
3017 The parameter card_number_id can not be null or empty.
3018 The parameter expiration_month can not be null or empty.
3019 The parameter expiration_year can not be null or empty.
3020 The parameter cardholder.name can not be null or empty.
3021 The parameter cardholder.document.number can not be null or empty.
3022 The parameter cardholder.document.type can not be null or empty.
3023 The parameter cardholder.document.subtype can not be null or empty.
3024 Not valid action - partial refund unsupported for this transaction.
3025 Invalid Auth Code.
3026 Invalid card_id for this payment_method_id.
3027 Invalid payment_type_id.
3028 Invalid payment_method_id.
3029 Invalid card expiration month.
3030 Invalid card expiration year.

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