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Test payments

Purchase tests are essential to ensure that payments are being processed correctly before authorizing real transactions. To verify that your store is set up correctly, we recommend testing payments before going live.

Testing can only be performed after the integration configuration .

Here's how to test the integration:

  1. Access Your integrations in the Mercado Pago admin pannel and select the application you want to test.
  2. Click on Test accounts in the left menu.
  3. Within the Test accounts section, click on Create test account and create two different accounts: one for the seller and another for the buyer. It's not possible to use the same test account for both seller and buyer. Refer to the Test accounts documentation for step-by-step account creation.

Create account

  1. Open a new incognito window and log in to Mercado Pago using the seller's test account created in the previous step.
  2. In the same incognito window logged in as a seller, access the Developer dashboard and create a new application, following the detailed instructions in the Developer dashboard documentation.


If you are required to authenticate with a code sent via email while logging into a test account or trying to access some sections in Your integrations, access our documentation to learn how to validate your login with test users .
  1. Access the application created in step 5 and click on Production credentials in the left menu. Copy the public_key and access_token.

Production credentials

  1. Go to the Shopify panel settings (Settings > Payments) and click on Manage for the Mercado Pago provider.

  2. Enter the public_key and access_token from the seller's test account.


  1. Click on Save credentials.

  2. Open a new incognito window and log in to Mercado Pago using the buyer's test account created in step 3.

  3. In the same window logged in as a buyer, access your store and make a purchase by providing test information such as phone and email from the buyer's test account. In "Documento," select the option OTRO and enter 9 digits. Also, use the test cards available in the corresponding documentation.

During testing, you will be operating in the production environment. However, this is a test in which you will be using fictitious credentials to simulate real scenarios. After completing the tests, remember to replace the seller's credentials (both production and test) entered in the plugin panel in steps 8 with the actual credentials from your Mercado Pago account. This action will allow you to continue selling in your store and avoid confusion.

After completing a test purchase using Checkout Pro, the purchase approval will be visible in the Shopify Admin Panel, except for purchases made offline, which will remain with pending status.

Furthermore, orders will be recorded in the history of the Mercado Pago test seller account.