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What is the Available Balance report?

The Available Balance report is a downloadable report that allows you to know the liquidity of your business, that is, how much money you have to use. It contains the detail of the released payments that are ready to withdraw to a bank account, invest in Mercado Pago or use as balance in the Mercado Pago prepaid card.

How do I download the report?

Keep in mind that the report generation takes a few minutes depending on how much information you want it to include. It will not always be ready instantly and, until it is, you will see the status In preparation on the screen.

Once available, it will be in your report tray and you can always download it two ways:

  • From the download link we’ll email you.
  • From your Mercado Pago account, go to your reports and select the Available Balance report option.

Report Values

Depending on the rates and terms you choose, the money you earn from an order will be released some time after the payment is credited. For this reason, the total value you see in the report will not always match your total balance or the value you see in the billing reports.

The release periods have to do with the bank terms or the intermediation flows when the operations are carried out in Mercado Libre. Other operations that may affect the release of your money are Chargebacks and Complaints that you may receive for an order.

To know the exact date on which the money of an operation will be available, check the details of your accredited collections .

What to use the report for

Use the report to reconcile

This report is used to reconcile money withdrawals and includes the transactions that comprise it.

You can generate an Available Balance report in three instances:

  1. Every time you generate it manually.
  2. Scheduled, according to your settings.
  3. With each money withdrawal to a bank account.

Use the Available Balance report when you want to have an account liquidity report, reconcile how the operations that impact your available balance are composed on a transactional level or to reconcile monthly and periodically with the detail of the movements that generate an available balance to withdrawal.

Use the report to view your history

In addition, you can use the report to know the history of balance available between two dates or two withdrawals, the detail of the events that make up an automatic or manual withdrawal (total or partial), the detail of disputes, refunds, shipments, chargebacks , taxes and other operations that affect the available balance and the detail of the installments released and the ones that are still to be paid.

Have the Glossary of the Available Balance report on hand to review it when needed or want to review a technical term.