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Report use

Once the report is ready and downloaded, you will have a file to consult spreadsheets or import into the reconciliation program of your choice.

To view it, we recommend downloading it in .csv format and opening it in a spreadsheet or any visualization program. If you choose the latter option, it's important to configure the program to support the UTF-8 format beforehand to avoid reading issues.

Report content

The report lists transactions made by sellers associated with a marketplace. Each line details an independent transaction, including values, fees, status, and status_detail. While the status field indicates payment approval, status_detail provides additional information, such as rejection reasons.

For more details on status and status_detail, refer to the "Response parameters" section in the Payments API documentation.

Additionally, in the Net Received Amount LC column, you will find the actual impact on your money.

Take a look at how the sales report is structured in this example to identify the operations and read your own reports:

Example for identifying operations and reading your own reports