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Collection creation results

Statusstatus_detailSuggested communication
approvedaccreditedDone! Your payment was credited. Your statement will show the amount charge as statement_descriptor.
in_processpending_contingencyWe are processing your payment.

Don't worry! You will be notified via e-mail if the payment was credited in less than 2 business days.
in_processpending_review_manualWe are processing your payment.

Don't worry! You will be notified via e-mail if it is credited or if we need more information in less than 2 business days.
rejectedcc_rejected_bad_filled_card_numberCheck card number.
rejectedcc_rejected_bad_filled_dateCheck expiration date.
rejectedcc_rejected_bad_filled_otherCheck data.
rejectedcc_rejected_bad_filled_security_codeCheck card security code.
rejectedcc_rejected_blacklistYour payment couldn't be processed.
rejectedcc_rejected_call_for_authorizeAuthorize the amount payment to payment_method_id.
rejectedcc_rejected_card_disabledCall payment_method_id to activate your card, or use a different payment method. The phone is on the back of your card.
rejectedcc_rejected_card_errorYour payment couldn't be processed.
rejectedcc_rejected_duplicated_paymentYou have already made a payment for that value.

If you need to pay again, use a different card or payment method.
rejectedcc_rejected_high_riskYour payment was rejected.

Select a different payment method; we recommend cash methods.
rejectedcc_rejected_insufficient_amountYour payment_method_id does not have enough funds.
rejectedcc_rejected_invalid_installmentspayment_method_id does not process payments in installments installments.
rejectedcc_rejected_max_attemptsYou reached the allowed attempt limit.

Select a different card or payment method.
rejectedcc_rejected_other_reasonpayment_method_id did not process payment.