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Card token generation errors

106Cannot operate between users from different countriesYou cannot make payments to other countries.
109Invalid number of shares for this payment_method_idpayment_method_id does not process payments in installments installments.

Select a different card or payment method.
126The action requested is not valid for the current payment stateYour payment couldn't be processed.
129Cannot pay this amount with this paymentMethodpayment_method_id does not process payments for the selected amount.

Select a different card or payment method.
145Invalid users involvedYou are trying to make a payment to a test user and a real user.
150The payer_id cannot do payments currentlyYou cannot make payments.
151The payer_id cannot do payments with this payment_method_idYou cannot make payments.
160Collector not allowed to operateYour payment couldn't be processed.
204Unavailable payment_methodpayment_method_id is not available right now.

Select a different card or payment method.
801Already posted the same request in the last minuteYou made a similar payment a while ago.

Try again in a few minutes.
defaultAnother error codeYour payment couldn't be processed.